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Acropolis of Athens & Roman Agora

Acropolis of Athens was built 2500 years ago by Iktinos and Kallicrates in honor of goddess Athena with its most recognizable temple The Parthenon built entirely from Pentelikon marble. It is an architectural wonder as it is built curved in order to look completely straight from distance. The Roman Agora was built between 19BC and 11BC by the Roman Emperor Augustus. It was a market place, an open market of the time. The octagonal Water deposit called Tower of the Winds is considered one of the oldest meteorological stations in the world.

Distance to Acropolis: 2.8km or 10 min drive

Distance to Roman Agora: 850m or 10 min walk


Plaka & Anafiotika

Plaka is the oldest historical neighborhood of Athens, clustered around the northern and eastern slopes of the Acropolis, and incorporating labyrinthine streets and neoclassical architecture. Plaka is built on top of the residential areas of the ancient town of Athens. Anafiotika is just below the North Slope of the Acropolis and above Plaka. It is a tiny neighborhood of whitewashed houses built according to Cycladic architecture by builders from the Cycladic island of Anafi. Wandering among these houses will make you feel as though you've been transported to a Greek island.

Distance to Plaka and Anafiotika: 900m or 10 min walk


Monastiraki & Thiseio

It is known for being one of the most picturesque neighborhoods of Athens, with narrow streets and a labyrinth of crossing alleys, occupied by numerous shops and street vendors. Monastiraki is famous for the open flea market that takes place every Sunday, displaying a huge quantity of products. Thiseio or Thissio is a traditional neighborhood in the base of the Acropolis and is home to traditional restaurants and the most scenic walk with a magnificent view towards the Acropolis.

Distance to Monastiraki and Thiseio: 600m or 8 min walk



Psyri or Psiri is a gentrified neighborhood in Athens, which was once home to small garment factories and held a bad reputation at the turn of the century. Today Psyrri with its small narrow streets is known for its magnificent street art, its restaurants, bars and live music tavernas.

Distance to Psyrri: 600m or 8 min walk


Ermou & Aiolou Streets

Ermou Street is the biggest commercial street in Athens connecting Syntagma Square(Greek Parliament) with Monastiraki Square. This pedestrian street is home to a wide variety of shops and restaurants. Aiolou Street is one of the oldest pedestrian streets in Athens named after God Aeolos(God of Wind) and connects Omonoia Square with Plaka and Monastiraki. It is home to numerous alfresco restaurants and tavernas and old tailor houses.

Distance to Ermou & Aiolou streets: 400m or 6 min walk


Aghia Eirini Square

This old square with its adjacent church of Aghia Eirini was once packed with flower shops. Now its unique vibe of open bars and restaurants make it an essential stop for a frappe(Greek shaken coffee) in order to enjoy pure Athenian lifestyle.

Distance to Aghia Eirini Square: 300m or 5 min walk


Aghioi Theodoroi Square

Home to the 1000 year old Byzantine Church of Aghioi Theodoroi (built in 1049) this picturesque square just opposite the hotel is packed with excellent restaurants and bars. Its big sycamore trees due to the underground small river provide shade during the hot summer months.

Distance to Agioi Theodoroi square: 10m or 1 min walk


Syntagma Square

The biggest and most central square in Athens(Parliament Square) is home to the Greek Parliament and the Monument to the Unknown Soldier. Here every hour on the hour exactly, visitors can see the change of Hellenic Guards(a must see). The Greek Parliament building was built by German architect Friedrich Wilhelm von Gärtner in 1836 and was initially used as the presidential palace of King Otto the first of Greece and subsequently of King George the first of Greece until 1910 when it was used as the Greek Parliament.

Distance to Syntagma square: 650m or 8 min walk